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Federal Vision website - resources for understanding.


Joint Statement

Joint Federal Vision Statement (PDF)
Statement sketching the general "federal vision" perspective on Reformed Theology, signed by John Barach (minister, CREC), Randy Booth (minister, CREC), Tim Gallant (minister, CREC), Mark Horne (minister, PCA), Jim Jordan (minister ARC, Director of Biblical Horizons, member CREC), Peter Leithart (minister, PCA), Rich Lusk (minister, CREC), Jeff Meyers (minister, PCA), Ralph Smith (minister, CREC), Steve Wilkins (minister, CREC), Douglas Wilson (minister, CREC)


Letter by Robert Rayburn to the NW Presbytery SJC: LETTER

Just Launched: - Media Resources from Canon Press

Round Table Debate on FV & Controversy (Video) - Peter Leithart, James Jordan, Doug Wilson

Sermon by Doug Wilson, "The End of the Law" on Romans 10:1-4

Lecture by Dr. David Field, "Calvin's Catholicity and Birth of English Nonconformity"


Introductions to Federal Vision

Steven Wedgeworth on the Federal Vision and Reformed Theology
By Steven Wedgeworth. also see his other posts on FV HERE

An Evangelical Introduction to the Federal Vision (UK)
By Steve Jeffery

The Federal Vision: Reformation or Alteration? Part One
By Uriesou T. Brito

Video - The Federal Vision and the PCA in 2 min.

My Position on the Federal Vision
By The Writer and the Muse - see also post on the attraction of FV here

John Piper on Doug Wilson
Video from Desiring God Conference 2009 - "Why Doug Wilson?"


General Orientation

Within the Bounds of Orthodoxy?: An Examination of the Federal Vision Controversy
By Joseph Minich

Presbyterian Identity Crisis (PDF)
by Peter Leithart

Systems and Sub-Systems (PDF)
by Peter Leithart

Who Defines 'Reformed'? (PDF)
by Peter Leithart

Douglas Wilson on the Federal Vision Controversy (Audio CD)

Round Table Debate on FV & Controversy (Video) - Peter Leithart, James Jordan, Doug Wilson

Positive, FV Work

Sacramental Piety
By Peter Leithart


2007 PCA General Assembly Committee Report

-- 2007 PCA General Assembly Report (audio of debate)
-- Steve Wilkins' Letter to Louisiana Presbytery Regarding the "9 Declarations" of PCA General Assembly's Ad-Interim Committee's Report on the Federal Vision/New Perspective"
-- Peter Leithart's Letter to Pacific Northwest Presbytery

Official PCA Presbytery Conclusions on the "Federal Vision"
Note: other actions exist, but these represent some of the fairest and best reasoned responses to the controversy. We especially commend the report of the Missouri presbytery - a committee consisting of sound theologians from the PCA's official seminary and St. Louis area pastors. It was a true committee effort with the kind of collegial give and take that we would expect.

-- Report of the PCA Missouri Presbytery
-- Report of the PCA Pacific Northwest Presbytery on Peter Leithart

Responses to Guy Waters' Book "The Federal Vision and Covenant Theology"
From those criticized in the book:

-- Responses by Dr. Peter Leithart: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
-- Response by John Barach
-- Response by Joel Garver
-- Responses by Doug Wilson
-- Response by Ralph Smith

From third parties::
-- Review by Bill Smith



For any questions, or to submit articles, please email me at went down several months ago, and is now up under a new owner. My goal, like that of the previous owner of the site, is to provide links, articles, and other resources pertaining to the Federal Vision. There has been much confusion and debate concerning the Federal Vision, and this is my attempt to clear some of the dust.


John Calvin speaking to his Counsel


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