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Ask Doug: Was Adam “good” before the Fall?

Ask Doug: I am trying to understand what is meant by God calling Adam and Eve, His prized creation, "good." Did that mean perfect? Did that mean sinless? If so, did they need Jesus before the fall? If not, what would you say they were?

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Leithart may come under fire again!

Though Dr. Peter Leithart was effectively exonerated by the Standing Judicial Committee of the PCA in March, he may come under judicial scrutiny again after the General Assembly in June. Three PCA presbyteries have unanimously voted to overture the General Assembly to take original jurisdiction over the PNWP vs. Leithart case on the Federal Vision. They claim a mistrial because the prosecutor, former PCA TE Jason Stellman, converted to Roman Catholicism shortly after a negative verdict.

More details can be found here:


And, as this controversy picks up steam yet again, Dr. Leithart has decided to restate his views on baptism:


May the Lord bring peace and justice to His church.




Examination of Douglas Wilson by the CREC

In 2004 Douglas Wilson requested that the CREC (Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches) examine him on his faith, in particular those issues pertaining to the Federal Vision.

Part I
Part II
Part III

PDF: transcript of Doug Wilson's Answers


What is the Catholic Church?

Dr. Timothy LeCroy adds his voice to the discussion. His doctorate in Historical Theology gives him a unique perspective into early medieval ecclesiology. LeCroy engages the Roman Catholic claim that a church is defined by "apostolic succession." Dr. LeCroy responds:

The only problem is that the bible doesn’t define the true church this way, and neither did the catholic church before the late middle ages. I don’t have a copy of Denzinger on me, but I would guess that, as with most things, the doctrine of apostolic succession as we know it today was not articulated until the Council of Trent. Nevertheless, even the article from the New Catholic Encyclopedia on “apostolic succession” admits that all the churches did not even have bishops until the 2nd or 3rd century, and that in many churches before that time rule was by a college of presbyters, what we today call a presbytery.

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Jason Stellman Abandons the Reformation!

Stellman's Farewell to the Presbyterian Church letter of resignation (here) concludes with these striking words:

Due to the fact that these disagreements strike at the very core of the system of doctrine set forth in our Standards, I feel that I have no other choice than to tender my resignation from the ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America.

I would like to express my gratitude to the godly and faithful men of the Pacific Northwest Presbytery for the eight years I have been a member of this body. My desire when I joined was to remain pastoring in Woodinville for my entire life and ministry, and it is with deep disappointment and regret that this will not be the case. My sincere hope is that the fathers, brothers, and friends I have gotten to know here will keep me in their prayers, and forgive me for any offense I may have caused during my involvement in the case against TE Leithart, as well as for any offense I may be presently causing by breaking my ordination vows.

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Who's Got the Gateway Drug? by Peter Leithart

Jason Stellman


Jason Stellman leaves the PCA, heads in the direction of Rome

Jason Stellman, longtime critic of the Federal Vision, and the man who brought charges against TE Peter Leithart, has announced that he is leaving the PCA. The reason for his leaving revolves around his changing theology, specifically in regard to Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura, both of which he no longer holds.

You can read his own words on his blog here:


Trust and Obey: The Norman Shepherd Controversy

Trust and Obey (Norman Shepherd and the Justification Controversy at Westminister Seminary)

Ian Hewitson’s Trust and Obey, is a full treatment of the Norman Shepherd controversy at Westminster Theological Seminary. The point of the book is that WTS “did not have the necessary grounds on which to remove Professor Shepherd from his teaching post (19).” The book considers vast amount of reports and faculty minutes of those long years of trial.
John Frame writes that this is an “accurate and clear account of the matter (9).” Those who have long watched the Federal Vision controversy unfold over the years will realize that Shepherd’s name is one mentioned quite often in denominational reports. Perhaps this book and the research will add greater clarity to a discussion often misunderstood.

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Reformation Sunday Sermons

Here are two great sermons from Christ Church Reformation Sunday 2011 (from the two services).

The first one is by Doug Wilson, and is called "Reformation in the Boneyard." Here is what Doug Wilson said about his message: "...this message represents the heart of our ministry here. If there is anything I care about, it is this." (His FB)

The second sermon, "Christ the Conqueror" is by Toby Sumpter, Pastor at Trinity Reformed Church (with Peter Leithart).

I have often encouraged critics of the FV to actually listen to some of the sermons of the men they claim are denying the gospel. These sermons would be a great place to start! mp3's of these sermons can be found at

Solus Christus


Robert Dabney on Imputation

"It may be said, without affecting excessive subtlety of definition,
that by imputation of Christ's righteousness, we only mean that
Christ's righteousness is so accounted to the sinner, as that he
receives thereupon the legal consequences to which it entitles."

"All are agreed that, when the Bible says, 'the iniquity of us all was
laid on Christ,' or that 'He bare our sins,' or 'was made sin for us,'
it is only our guilt and not our moral attribute of sinfulness which
was imputed. So it seems to me far more reasonable and scriptural to
suppose that, in the imputation of Christ's righteousness, it is not
the attribute of righteousness in Christ which is imputed, but that
which is the exact counterpart of guilt--the title to acquittal." ~
Systematic Theology in Lecture LIV (pg. 641 of the Zondervan edition)


In the Matter of Presbyterian Church in America v. TE Peter Leithart

The Pacific Northwest Presbytery of the PCA has posted the minutes of the Leithart Trial: