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Ask Doug: Was Adam “good” before the Fall?

Ask Doug: I am trying to understand what is meant by God calling Adam and Eve, His prized creation, "good." Did that mean perfect? Did that mean sinless? If so, did they need Jesus before the fall? If not, what would you say they were?

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Examination of Douglas Wilson by the CREC

In 2004 Douglas Wilson requested that the CREC (Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches) examine him on his faith, in particular those issues pertaining to the Federal Vision.

Part I
Part II
Part III

PDF: transcript of Doug Wilson's Answers


Reformation Sunday Sermons

Here are two great sermons from Christ Church Reformation Sunday 2011 (from the two services).

The first one is by Doug Wilson, and is called "Reformation in the Boneyard." Here is what Doug Wilson said about his message: "...this message represents the heart of our ministry here. If there is anything I care about, it is this." (His FB)

The second sermon, "Christ the Conqueror" is by Toby Sumpter, Pastor at Trinity Reformed Church (with Peter Leithart).

I have often encouraged critics of the FV to actually listen to some of the sermons of the men they claim are denying the gospel. These sermons would be a great place to start! mp3's of these sermons can be found at

Solus Christus


Douglas Wilson and the Binding of God

In this interview, Doug Wilson offers some sound advice for those seeking to understand the Federal Vision.

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Doug Wilson: You must, you can’t – Jesus did! The Gospel is good news!

Here is a sermon clip from the sermon, Encouragement in God, preached October 2nd, at Christ Church, in Moscow, Idaho. In this clip, Pastor Wilson talks about the two tendencies in Christendom: The imperative to obey the law ("you must, you must, you must [perform good works]) and the belief that you can't (you can't, you can't, you can't [obey the law], so don't try.).


Why the beards?

Ask Doug: Why do “Fv-ers” (Federal Vision advocates) all seem to have beards?



Ask Doug: What theologians have influenced you in relation to the Federal Vision


Bayly Blog on the FV

The Bayly Blog published some keen observations on the current state of the Federal Vision. A highly recommended read for all those following the Federal Vision debate in the PCA.


When do baptized children become covenant members?

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What is the difference between Federal Vision and Traditional Covenant Theology (Part II)

In this Ask Doug clip from CanonWIRED, Pastor Doug Wilson is asked:

“What are the primary differences between the Federal Vision and traditional covenant theology?” (Part I HERE)