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What is the difference between Federal Vision and Traditional Covenant Theology (Part I)

In this Ask Doug clip from CanonWIRED, Pastor Doug Wilson is asked:

“What are the primary differences between the Federal Vision and traditional covenant theology?”

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  1. I hoped to respectfully point out that nowhere during the 4 minute response did I find any notion of an answer to the question posed. Is there some way you could succinctly list the differences? Or even make a Venn Diagram if you’re inclined to include the similarities as well?

  2. Hi, E. Snow,

    Thanks for the comment; this was a response explaining the origins of the Federal Vision (where they got their ideas). If you go back to “Home,” you’ll see that we’ve posted “What is the Difference Between Federal Vision and Traditional Covenant Theology Part II,” which does succinctly list the differences.

  3. so Doug does not answer the question at all but seeks to validate that others in history held this error also.

    I would pose the question back again. What is the FV position how does it differ from Confessional Theology?

    Could you please site a couple of places where historic men seen to uphold this same federal vision doctrine or something similar?

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