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Trust and Obey: The Norman Shepherd Controversy

Trust and Obey (Norman Shepherd and the Justification Controversy at Westminister Seminary)

Ian Hewitson’s Trust and Obey, is a full treatment of the Norman Shepherd controversy at Westminster Theological Seminary. The point of the book is that WTS “did not have the necessary grounds on which to remove Professor Shepherd from his teaching post (19).” The book considers vast amount of reports and faculty minutes of those long years of trial.
John Frame writes that this is an “accurate and clear account of the matter (9).” Those who have long watched the Federal Vision controversy unfold over the years will realize that Shepherd’s name is one mentioned quite often in denominational reports. Perhaps this book and the research will add greater clarity to a discussion often misunderstood.

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  1. Where is some good (free!) audio on the Federal Vision beyond that of Wilson’s usual interviews? I have in mind some older material by Gallant, Schlissel, and Barach.

  2. I appreciate this post and the Norman Shepherd Project in general. I looked for this title on the pain project page and was surprised that it was not mentioned. I would like to respectfully suggest that it be included on the main NS Project page with the other reference works. Thank you.

  3. Sorry. Obviously I meant “main project page” not “pain project page”. (Excessive alliteration, I guess.)

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