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Doug Wilson comments on SJC’s Report on Leithart

Doug Wilson describes his position on the 9 declarations brought before Peter Leithart. Read the full post HERE

The decision relies on the nine declarations adopted by the 35th General Assembly of the PCA, which have been discussed in this space before. The first requires bi-covenantalism, and I am bi-covenantal. The second requires us to hold that someone's "election" cannot be lost and, if we are talking about decretal election, of course not. But if they mean something else by putting "election" in scare quotes, we shall have to inquire further. But decretal election cannot be lost or altered in any way. The third requires the view that Christ is a representative head "whose perfect obedience and satisfaction is imputed to individuals who believe in him," a view which I loudly, consistently, and enthusiastically have affirmed. The fourth requires the language of merit be used when referring to the imputation of Christ's obedience to us, which I am certainly willing to do, especially when singing hymns. The fifth requires us to reject the idea that union with Christ makes the idea of imputation redundant, a rejection that I have argued in favor of for years. The sixth requires that water baptism and covenantal union be rejected as setting up a parallel soteriological system alongside the decretal system of Westminster, a rejection that would have to be affirmed by anyone who understands that a man can't go to Heaven and Hell both. I certainly understand that. The seventh says that effectual union with Christ includes perseverance, to which I say, "amen, and amen." TheĀ  eighth says that regeneration and justification necessitate perseverance, which I also teach. And the ninth says that justification in the sight of God cannot be based in any way on our works, which I also affirm.

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  1. Good response in return of this issue with real arguments and describing the whole thing concerning that.

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