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Paschal Blessing from Doug Wilson

From Doug Wilson on Blog and Mablog, Easter Sunday:

"As many who read this blog know, it has a been a season of controversy. But fortunately, it is also the Paschal season. The Lord is risen; He is risen indeed.

We have been brought up from the dead, and our present possession is life, just as our final destination is life. Newness of life now, eternal life now, and life everlasting. This life is sheer unadulterated gift -- we cannot do anything to merit it. Salvation is all of grace.

And this means that it has to delight my soul that God loves those on the other side of our particular theological divides more than I have ever loved anything or anybody. It needs to delight me that we will all spend eternity together, as it does. And so I pray God's blessings on the resurrection celebrations of all God's children, and I pray for a double blessing on the celebrations of my adversaries. This resurrection life is a powerful thing, and gets into everything . . . even our disputes.

Happy Easter, then, and may you all stand in the overflow of God's abundant blessings."

To which I can only add: Amen and amen!

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